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This icon converts GRIB data into a Geopoints file. This transformation has two effects: the result is in ASCII format, and is stored as a set of separate points rather than as a grid.  Note that this icon can only convert GRIB data which is in a supported gridded format - for example, data in spherical harmonics cannot be converted.

For the reverse computation, see Geopoints To Grib.

The macro language equivalent is grib_to_geo().

The Grib To Geopoints Editor


Specifies the data to be converted. Only the first field will be converted. Drop any icon containing or returning GRIB data. This may be, for example, a GRIB file, a MARS Retrieval icon or a Macro which returns GRIB data.

Geopoints Format

Specifies which of two Geopoints formats should be used for the output - either Traditional (6 columns including date, time and level) or XYV (just 3 columns - longitude, latitude and value). See Geopoints for details of these formats.