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Build fails with message relating to the file macro_built_in_functions.txt OR Metview fails to start because it cannot connect to port/host

This issue can occur, often on laptops, when the IP loopback is not set up. The quickest way to fix this is to set the environment variable:


and then resume the build. This variable will also need to be set before starting Metview.

On OpenSuSE 12 & 13 systems, a better solution is to go into Yast | Network Settings | Hostname/DNS  : the option Assign Hostname to Loopback IP should be checked.

Problems linking with Intel tools

We've had a report that when using the Intel compiler, the linking of the DataCoverage module produces errors with defined symbols from libemos. This can be because the Intel C++ compiler does not know that it needs to link with the Intel Fortran libraries (a few of Metview's modules use some Fortran code). A solution is to add the following to your CMake command when configuring Metview:

-DCMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS="-L[ifort8.1path]/lib -lifcore"

where [ifort8.1path] is replaced by the path to where the Intel fortran libraries are.

How should I build ecCodes for Metview?

If you plan to use Metview's interactive GRIB and BUFR examiner tools, then you must ensure that ecCodes is built with thread safety enabled. Do this by passing the following option to CMake:


I get the following error message when I try to read GRIB data in Metview: “ecCodes ERROR : Unable to find boot.def”

It is possible to check a ecCodes installation from the command line by finding a GRIB file and typing:

 grib_ls <path/to/grib/file>

If this error message appears, then ecCodes is not properly installed. One option, which does not require a rebuild of ecCodes, is to change the value of the environment variable GRIB_DEFINITION_PATH. The command grib_info will tell you the current value. Normally, it should be set to /usr/local/share/eccodes/definitions, but you should first check that this directory exists.

How can I report bugs or ask for help?

Please visit the Software Support home page.