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This icon is used for the visualisation of netCDF files. It allows the user to specify which variables in the file should be used, and how to interpret them. It belongs to the set of visualiser icons - see Visualisers.

The macro language equivalent is netcdf_visualiser().

The NetCDF Visualiser Editor

The first parameter to modify is the one describing the plot type. This enables the parameters relevant to the chosen plot type.

Most of the parameters in this editor come directly from Magics, and are documented on the Netcdf Input reference page. Parameters not listed there are as follows:

Netcdf Plot Type

Specifies the type of plot to be generated. This also implicitly specifies how to interpret the data variables. The available modes follow a set format: the first part is either Geo (geographical coordinates) or Xy (more generic coordinates); the second part is Points (individual points), Vectors (individual points with vector information) or Matrix (matrix of data values).

Netcdf Filename

Specifies the path to the input netCDF file. This parameter, if filled, over-rides Netcdf Data.

Netcdf Data

Drop any icon containing or returning netCDF data.