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Due to the nature of the data, the macro language provides little in the way of functions to process observations - you can only merge and/or plot them.

If you need to do more, you have to convert them to geopoints using the obsfilter() request. .

observations ( observations & observations )
observations merge ( observations,observations )

Merges two sets of observations.

observations obsfilter ( definition )
geopoints obsfilter ( definition )

The obsfilter() function is a Metview request, i.e. corresponds to a Metview icon available from the User Interface - Observation Filter . It accepts BUFR input, filters out part of that input (optional) and returns BUFR data (default) or geopoints (if user so specifies) in one of three geopoints formats - see Geopoints.

The input is a definition containing a named list of values, corresponding to the contents of the Observation Filter editor contents. Remember you need only specify the parameters which you want to change from their default values.