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Tim Hewson

I created a jagged line to represent a small river (where there were fatal flash floods), but when I click and get a box around the line and resize that, the red box itself doesn't resize as it should - here's a screen grab from when I resized - the red line should move to where the black dotted line is otherwise subsequent actions are messed up. 

We hope this is not an issue any longer. It should be fine in the latest release (5.14.0, metview new at ECMWF)
Tim HewsonHaving created the line above, I wanted to save it to use again, but could not. I know this is not functionality that's available yet - I just want to highlight that it could be useful in instances like this (smile). Particularly if one is cross-referencing features (e.g. geographic or meteorological) between metview sessions (or wanting to recreate something) such a feature would really come into it's own.We agree that this would be a useful feature. Will be available in the next release.