OpenIFS users can check their model installation with a short acceptance test on T21 resolution. The meteorological evaluation framework makes it possible also to assess the meteorological performance of OpenIFS based on two sets of case studies.

We chose two weather events which had been predicted originally with different skill. Several model experiments were carried out to test the effect of starting date, forecast length, initial condition as well as spatial resolution on the forecast quality. The model outputs are visualized and evaluated using Metview.

After introduction of the two cases, this section guides the user step by step through running the selected experiments, post-processing the model outputs, downloading the reference data and visualising the model outputs with Metview. A catalogue from the prepared figures is also included. The input data and the namelists needed for the model runs, the scripts for the MARS retrieves of the re-analyses, the Metview macros for visualization and the output figures are available for download on the ECMWF download server.