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Plots from the Metview exercises

The gallery below shows example plots from all the practical exercises the participants were able to do with the Metview macros developed by Sandor Kertesz in ECMWF's forecast department.

Most of the plot types can be animated in time with Metview (not shown).

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MSLP, Z500 and track of Hurricane NadinePV/320K and MSLPMSLP, 10m wind, Z500 & windspeed, SSTCross-section through Hurricane Nadine and cut-off low showing PV, theta and wind vectors. Illustrates warm core of Nadine and cold core of cut-off.



HRES (deterministic) forecast


MSLP & T2m, Z200 & windspeed,
equiv. potential temp., 850hPa wind & T
Total precipitationZ500 difference between HRES & analysis


RMSE curves Z500 for ensembleMSLP ensemble mean and spread
compared to analysis
MSLP ensemble spaghetti plot
Ensemble stamp map total precipitation over FranceEnsemble difference stamp map of z500Comparing MSLP of perturbed ensemble member to analysis
Difference maps of two ensemble members to analysisCumulative distribution function MSLP for ensemble forecast
at Toulouse, France

Principal component analysis and Clusters

After computing the EOFs a clustering can be applied to all of the above ensemble plots.

EOF and PCA analyses of ensemble
spread for Z500 using clustering (top graph;
clusters shown as either red or blue dots).

Z500, ensemble mean of cluster 1 and 2
(top left & right respectively), compared
to HRES & analysis bottom.
Stamp difference map of MSLP with
clusters enabled. Maps are ordered
according to which cluster they are in
Ensemble spaghetti plot with clusters. Top left and top right
show ensemble members in cluster 1 & 2 respectively.
Z500 RMSE curves with clusters.
Ensemble members in each cluster
are plotted separately.

Stamp map of total precip. with
clustering enable. Maps are ordered
according to their cluster.


Two ensemble forecasts datasets were provided for the workshop. The 2012 operational ensemble and a reforecast using the operational ensemble of 2016.

Probabilities of total precipitation greater than 20mm
for both ensembles at 3 different forecast times.