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The S2S Museum is curated by Dr Mio Matsueda of the Universities of Oxford and Tsukuba, and the website is hosted at the University of Tsukuba  Its exhibits include:

  • Selected verification statistics calculated from the S2S forecasts
  • Maps showing ensemble-based forecasts of severe weather for different regions
  • Forecasts of the Madden-Julian Oscillation and blocking
  • Sample scripts to show how to download and plot S2S data

User survey


The WWRP/WCRP S2S Database includes sub-seasonal to seasonal real-time and re-forecasts  (up to 60 days lead time) from 11 operational centres around the world. This dataset is available from the ECMWF data portal since May 2015. The data can be retrieved directly from the web interface or programmatically via Web-API.

To assess the user satisfaction with the S2S dataset and the quality of the service provided by ECMWF,  a survey was issued in March 2017. The invitation was sent to more than 700 users who registered to access (but not necessarily retrieved) S2S data. The survey was open for 3 weeks, during which 16% (116) of invitees responded.


The full results of the survey have been published on 23 May 2017. They can be shortly summarised as follows (user percentage):

  • overall, 78% satisfied or very satisfied with the S2S dataset
  • 76% at least satisfied with exploring the data via dedicated web Data Portals
  • 74% at least satisfied with the Web API
  • 80% at least satisfied with the documentation
  • 5.6% (6 users) the highest dissatisfaction in the survey related to exploring the data via the web Data Portals or getting the data via Web-API

(all stats excluding respondents who answered "N/A")

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