Data access

Gridded model outputs

  1. Data portal
    The simplest way how to get rather smaller ad hoc data samples (approximately up-to 20 000 retrieved fields per request)  
  2. Batch access
    The ECMWF access in batch should be used for most common types of work (big data samples retrievals).

    In order to retrieve data efficiently users should follow the instructions about S2S reforecasts retrieval efficiency. Find here examples of efficient retrieval scripts for different S2S datasets via ECMWF Web API

  3. CMA data portal
    The 2nd official S2S data portal where all data from all partners can be downloaded.
  4. IRI library
    • the IRI Data Library hosts the Sub-seasonal to Seasonal Prediction Project (S2S) forecast and reforecast data downloaded from ECMWF for the research

S2S Indices

Be aware that the links below might work depending on the browser used. Authentification using provided user ID and password can be needed depending on the browser and user location.

MJO RMMs indices
Tropical cyclone tracks:
European Weather Regimes:
Sudden Stratospheric Warming Index:

Data  monitoring

GRIB2 and NETCDF conversion

  • ecCodes
    ecCodes is an evolution of ECMWF's GRIB-API.  It is designed to provide the user with a simple set of functions to access data from several formats with a key/value approach.. All TIGGE fields in GRIB2 format could be explored and manipulated using ecCodes.
  • grib2_to_netcdf
    grib2_to_netcdf is an NCAR  conversion utility built on the ECMWF GRIB_API and Unidata NetCDF libraries. The utility converts regular lat/lon gridded S2S data from GRIB-2 to NetCDF format.
  • Example of NetCDF to S2S compliant scripts (kindly provided by BoM)

Other External tools

  • S2S Museum
    The museum includes a set of scripts to download TIGGE data, and plot it (using GrADS ) in file TIGGE_sample.tar.gz - available directly from here.