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Today we released a hotfix for EMOSLIB (version 4.5.0) which includes a fix for data using the UK Met Office 'N1280' high-resolution grid. This data is ordered in the South-North direction (standard for Unified Model fields, GRIB scanning mode 64), and is internally reordered in the North-South direction (scanning mode 0) prior to interpolation.

This internal reordering was limited up to the equivalent resolution of UKMO 'N768' data, and has now been rewritten to support significantly larger resolutions and reduce the memory consumption, without run-time performance penalty. This bug fix release is backwards compatible with previous versions, and interpolation results are identical with the improved support for the higher resolution data.

The new tarball is available from the releases download page. A new Metview Bundle with the updated Emoslib has been also released on the usual page.



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