ECaccess provides a portal for registered users to access the Centre's computing and archiving facilities with single step authentication from anywhere on the Internet. Strict authentication is performed in a uniform way using ActivIdentity (HID) security tokens or TOTP devices and standard (X509) certificates. SSL is used to guarantee the integrity of the application data, the transferred jobs and the monitoring information.

Registered users access ECaccess via standard FTP/SFTP clients or via the ECaccess client. Clients connect to an ECaccess gateway, which authenticates users before contacting the ECaccess server, which in turn manages the connection to the Atos HPCF and ECS services and ECFS, manages the submitted jobs and performs data transfers.

Quick start

The best way to start using ECaccess is to read the User Guide. To start using ECaccess immediately, without downloading any software, either point your browser to (see The Web server), or use any standard FTP/SFTP client to login on (see The SSH server)

ECaccess Packages

The Web Toolkit can be downloaded and installed by any registered computer user. For larger user communities working at the same place, you may want to install a local gateway. Only for the local gateway installation you need to register at the ECaccess Registration Centre:

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