Following the termination of the test Atos system (TEMS) in Reading in November 2021 and a lot of work by many teams across ECMWF, we are pleased to announce the availability of the first Atos cluster, named 'aa', in Bologna, for Member State users of our High Performance Facility (HPCF).  

If you are currently using our Cray HPCs (cca and ccb), we invite you to start testing your activities on the first Atos system (aa). To help you with this work, we have made available the Atos HPCF Documentation. We strongly encourage you to read carefully through those pages before you start any tests on this new platform. You have more details on this in the HPC2020: News Feed, and we recommend you watch that for updates on the Atos services in Bologna.

Thank you for reporting any issues or sharing your feedback via the ECMWF Support Portal mentioning 'Atos' in the title.

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