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Please use this knowledge base to use ECMWF computing and archiving services, to address common problems and to search for best practices.


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Python is a very popular tool widely used at ECMWF and elsewhere. If you do not use it, you can ignore this message. As you may know, the official support for Python 2 ends this year Since Python 3 is not backwards-compatible, steps must be taken to migrate to this new major version. With the lack of official support, we may not be able to install Python 2 on future platforms.…
Throughout the years, new software packages and multiple versions of them have been deployed on our different computing platforms. In preparation for our future migration to Bologna - New Data Centre, we will be streamlining the number of software packages and their versions available, so the majority of the user base is on recent software stacks prior to our move. To accomplish this, we will extend our annual cleanup cycle,…
Emoslib is one of the packages that will not be migrated to Bologna - New Data Centre. Please start considering using the alternatives suggested. As part of the retirement of EMOSLIB, access to the current location of the BUFR tables is to be closed. When this happens, any existing program or tool using EMOSLIB for the BUFR decoding/encoding will stop working. This should raise awareness of the places in your workflow that need your attention. When?…