As of 23 March, the Climate Data Store (CDS) and Atmosphere Data Store (ADS) are the first two user facing services operationally supported from our new Data Centre in Bologna. Following that successful migration, we would like to update you on the next steps in the transition to the Bologna Data Centre.

The Atos system, the central component of the new infrastructure in Bologna, was initially expected to start its operational service on 1 May 2022. As additional work is required to ensure that our standards and expectations regarding this system are fully met before it can be accepted, the initial start date for the operational Atos service is unfortunately no longer feasible. This will have the following main implications for the further migration:  

  • The operational Atos HPC service will start on 1 September 2022 at the earliest. Until then users will not be charged System Billing Units against their allocation. HPC users are encouraged to continue the testing and migration of their applications to the Atos.
  • The switch of ECMWF’s operational forecast (Cycle 47r3) to the Atos is now expected for late September 2022. Initial technical beta test data produced on the Atos is now available. The Release Candidate Phase will start at least 3 months before the operational switch.   
  • The migration of real-time dissemination users to ECPDS ( the ECMWF Production Data Store) in Bologna is scheduled to happen in September 2022, close to, or on the day of the operational forecast switch-over.
  • The DHS Move, causing 28 days of reduced MARS and ECFS service, is expected to start in mid-June 2022 . Two short dry-run s with reduced MARS and ECFS service for 12-48 hours, are scheduled for 5 April and 26-28 April.
  • Users of the ecgate service will be invited later in April 2022 to start migrating their applications to the on the Atos system.
  • Both the Cray and ecgate system will be switched off on 1 October 2022 at the earliest.

The information above is based on current expectations. For more details and to get notified about further updates and changes, please “watch” the relevant migration pages.  

Thank you for your patience during this significant migration to our new data centre which will enable exciting scientific developments and an overall better service to all ECMWF users.

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