RL .. rotated latlon projection

LC .. Lambert conformal projection

1. Interpolation


RL, LC .. current version cannot handle it

1b) CDO:

RL .. yes (including conversion to NetCDF is asked)

LC .. not

1c) COSMO verification/interpolation package versus:

RL, LC .. yes

1d) MIR (successor of LIBEMOS):

should be able to handle both i n the future.

2. Visualization


RL .. some of them yes (mogreps OK, hirlam KO?)

LC .. conversion to geopoints assums always scanningFactor = 64 (= both positive directions)

3. Verification/interpolation package versus (Unknown User (dcesari@arpa.emr.it))

COSMO open source: https://github.com/dcesari/smnd

For interpolating grib data to a regular lat/lon grid one can use after installation the following command:

vg6d_transform --trans-type=inter --sub-type=bilin \
   --type=regular_ll --nx=... --ny=... \
   --x-min=... --y-min=... --x-max=... --y-max=... \
   inputfile outputfile

where one have to fill the parameters of the target grid

Run vg6d_transform without arguments to see the instructions.

The package contains many  tools and utilities for managing grib and observed data.

Full manual downloadable at ftp://ftp.smr.arpa.emr.it/incoming/dav/versus/ves.pdf