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Model details

General requirements

  • Domain and resolution
    • The fields have to be provided on a  regular latitude‐longitude grid at the resolution that is best matching the native resolution of the direct  model output.
  • Parameters
    • following set of parameters was agreed:
      • Atmospheric forcing:

        • 10 metre U wind component [m/s]
        • 10 metre V wind component [m/s]
      • Wave Fields:
        • Significant height of combined wind waves and swell [m]
        • Peak wave period [s]
        • Mean zero-crossing wave period [s]
        • Mean wave direction [degree true]
  • Forecast-observation matching

    • The matching between forecast and observation will be based on a nearest grid point approach.

    • No match-up will be performed if any of the surrounding grid points are missing in order to minimise land contamination effects.

  • Data format
    • The data shall be encoded in GRIB format  (edition 2) using WMO compliant  templates. ECMWF can assist in the conversion into GRIB edition 2.
  • Data exchange