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To test access to selected YOPP data via Web Map Service (WMS)  the following layers in ECMWF's WMS system have been created:

    YOPP project: Medium cloud cover, name: yopp_mcc_cf
    YOPP project: Mean sea level pressure, name: yopp_msl_cf
    YOPP project: Cloud base height, name: yopp_cbh_cf
    YOPP project: 10m wind, name: yopp_uv_cf
    YOPP project: Convective available potential energy (CAPE), name: yopp_cape_cf
    YOPP project: 2m temperature control forecast, name: yopp_2t_cf
    YOPP project: Total snowfall, name: yopp_sf_interval_cf
    YOPP project: High cloud cover control forecast, name: yopp_hcc_cf
    YOPP project: Visibility, name: yopp_visibility_cf
    YOPP project: Total precipitation, name: yopp_tp_cf
    YOPP project: Low cloud cover, name: yopp_lcc_cf

WMS Get Capabilities link to that test data is:

The next step might be to produce similar products on regular basis depending on users' requirements.

An example of the WMS output for 2m temperature control forecast request
(wget,40,30,70&width=1200&height=900&layers=yopp_2t_cf,foreground -O yopp_2t_cf.png)


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