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YOPP dataset consists of two different ECMWF outputs:

1) Operational ensemble forecast (ENS IFS)

  • Medium-range forecast up to +360 hours (3-hourly up to 144 hours, then 6-hourly outputs)
  • Archived in MARS as Control forecast (type=cf, stream=enfo, class=yp)
  • 7 additional pressure levels to have a better vertical resolution in higher altitudes

2) Dedicated research run containing additional tendencies

  • Short-range forecast up to +48 hours (3-hourly outputs)

  • Archived in MARS as Forecast (type=fc, stream=oper, class=yp)

  • Research run that mimics very closely the operational control forecast of the ENS IFS was run from the 15.7. 2017 onwards

  • Additional tendencies from various physical and dynamical processes were archived on model levels (not available from ENS IFS run)

    • The differences for all parameters are on average small compared to the control forecast run, however, locally there can be differences in some parameters

    • The tendencies are described in the table below

      Field 3D
      (note tendencies and fluxes are accumulated)
      UnitsGrib code*1
      u-tendency from explicit dynamicsm/s2 * s162114
      v-tendency from explicit dynamicsm/s2 * s162115
      T-tendency from explicit dynamicsK/s * s162116
      q-tendency from explicit dynamicskg/kg/s * s162117
      T-tendency from radiationK/s * s162118
      u-tendency from vert. diff + orog drag + surf processesm/s2 * s162119
      v-tendency from vert. diff + orog drag + surf processesm/s2 * s162120
      T-tendency from vert. diff + orog drag + surf processesK/s * s162121
      q-tendency from vert. diff + orog drag + surf processeskg/kg/s * s162122

      u-tendency of gravity wave drag

      (including non-orographic)

      m/s2 * s162123

      v-tendency of gravity wave drag

      (including non-orographic)

      m/s2 * s162124
      T-tendency of gravity wave drag (including non-orographic)
       = dissipation wave break
      K/s * s162125
      u-tendency from convection (deep+shallow)m/s2 * s162126
      v-tendency from convection (deep+shallow)m/s2 * s162127
      T-tendency from convection (deep+shallow)K/s * s162128
      q-tendency from convection (deep+shallow)kg/kg/s * s162129
      Precip. flux from convection liquidkg/(m2 s) * s162130
      Precip. flux from convection icekg/(m2 s) * s162131
      T-tendency from cloud schemeK/s * s162132
      q-tendency from cloud schemekg/kg/s * s162133
      ql-tendency from cloud scheme (stratiform)kg/kg/s * s162134
      qi-tendency from cloud scheme (stratiform)kg/kg/s * s162135

      *1 paramId in ECMWF's ecCodes

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