International Coordination (site: Geneva)

Research and Development (site: Reading, Bonn)

  • Development and evaluation of the ECMWF Integrated Forecasting System for use in km-scale ensembles, extended range prediction, climate and environmental reanalyses
  • Extension of surface-atmosphere tiling approach over land and water, cryosphere snow/ice, urban/forest canopy tiles for seamless coupling of the water, energy and carbon cycles
  • Artificial Intelligence applied to land-use/water-use change assessment (using satellites skin temperatures and machine learning) to detect land-use change and climate disturbances

Education (site: Torino)

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Prof. Dr. Gianpaolo Balsamo

WMO, Av de la Paix, 7B, Geneva, CH
Email: gpbalsamo at

ECMWF, Shinfield Park, Reading, UK
Robert-Schuman-Platz 3, Bonn, DE
Via Stalingrado 84/3, Bologna, IT

POLITO, Duca degli Abruzzi, 24 TO, IT

Mobile: +447595331517 (WhatsApp)

Last update: February 2024