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Cron has been extended to support the 'last day of the month' and last week day weekday of the month.

Lets Let's recap the structure of a cron attribute:


Remember we *AND* across -w, -d, -m  then   *OR* for each element in -w, -d,-m

The new cron format will  will use L,  to represent the Last day of the month , or last week day weekday of the month.

Hence we now support:

  • -w day of the week  week.   valid values are, 0 → 6 where 0 is Sunday, 1 is Monday, etc AND
                                                                        0L→6L 0L→6L, where 0L means last Sunday of the month, and 1L means the last Monday of the month, etc
                                                                        It is an error to overlay, i.e. cron -w 0,1,2,1L,2L,3L   23:00  will throw an exception
  • -d day of the month,  valid values are in range 0-31,L   Extended so that we now use 'L' to mean the last day of the month
  • -m month                        valid values are in range 0-12