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  • Pronounced improvement of surface PM2.5 and PM10 forecasts, especially during night time, by changes to the diurnal cycle of emissions and the introduction of injection heights for biomass burning emissions .
  • The changes in composition of aerosols (adding nitrate and ammonium aerosol) create a small increase or no increase in the total Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) depending on the season. An increase of sulphate aerosol is seen in particular at high latitudes of the northern hemisphere, but less in highly polluted areas in East Asia. There is less organic aerosol, especially at high latitudes. Globally there is less sea salt AOD. Mean dust AOD is slightly increased, and there is in particular more dust in North Africa and less in East Asia. 
  • Tropospheric ozone shows generally higher correlations with surface and airborne observations, but the bias is slightly increased near the surface. The change in the upper troposphere is neutral.
  • CO results are somewhat mixed with slightly increased biases in some areas and slightly decreased biases in other areas.
  • Tropospheric NO2 values have not significantly changed.
  • Stratospheric O3 column values show a slight decrease in bias, but the vertical profile has generally changed with a marked positive bias between 25 and 32 km altitude and a negative bias between 30 and 40 km altitude.

The new cycle has been validated by the CAMS Validation team and the results will be are presented in a their validation report shortly.

Technical details of the new cycle


The CAMS operational FTP server (ECPDS) currently serves one day of test data (17 March 2019) in the directory "/DATA/CAMS_GLOBAL_TEST" and "/DATA/CAMS_EUROPE_BC_TEST" for global and regional boundary condition data, respectively. More details can be found  here .

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