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Comment: Confirmed.

Organiser: Robert Pipunic


ECMWF: Patricia de Rosnay; Peter Weston; David Fairbairn; Christel Prudhomme; Calum Baugh; Gabriele Arduini

UoR: Nancy Nichols

BoM: Rob Pipunic; Wendy Sharples; Andrew Frost; Imtiaz Dharssi; Fiona Smith

UKMO; Cristina Charlton Perez


- Introductions: All (10 min)

- Operational land/hydro modelling and DA at Bureau of Met (& future ideas) (Rob/Andrew, Slides  and Imtiaz, slides): (20 min)

- Overview of land DA at UK Met Office (Cristina): Slides (20 min)

- Overview of land DA at ECMWF (Patricia): Slides (20 min)

- DA applications research at Uni of Reading (Nancy) Slides (10 mins)

- Break: 10 min

- Open discussion/feedback/questions on latest direction of land surface/hydro DA (e.g. ML, JEDI etc.): All (30 min)