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Create a new Wind Plotting icon and set the following parameters in order to colour the arrows according to the wind speed:



Wind Thinning Factor1
Wind Advanced MethodOn
Wind Advanced Colour Max Level ColourRed
Wind Advanced Colour Min Level ColourBlue
Wind Advanced Colour Direction


Wind Advanced Colour Parameter


Visualise ztuv.grb from the Data Part 1 session and move to a wind field. Drop the new Wind Plotting icon into the plot window. This plot is clearer if dark grey land/sea shading is used.


The Notes icon stores plain text, so you can use this to make notes. General text files copied into a Metview folder will appear as Notes icons.

Using Web Map Services (WMS)

Metview provides a module to request maps from a Web Map Services (WMS). The WMS standard is defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), which is very popular in the GIS community. The WMS module can be used to query an OGC-compliant WMS server, retrieve maps from it and overlay them with other data. The WMS icon is a great way to integrate web services within Metview. 

We have a separate tutorial which shows in more detail how you can use maps served by web map services within Metview.

  • We provided you with some example WMS icons. Try out the four WMS icons in the directory by visualising them.
  • Edit the icons to see the catalogues of layers available.
  • Drop the icon into a macro editor to explore how a WMS retrieval looks like.

Trajectories (FLEXTRA)

FLEXTRA is an established trajectory model used by growing scientific community. Metview has a set of icons for interacting with FLEXTRA at all stages: preparing the data, running the model and visualising the output.