Metview's documentation is now on readthedocs!

This standalone module is a good first introduction to Metview and should take 20-30 minutes.

This short course gives a taste of much of Metview's functionality, with links to resources for further exploration. The emphasis here is on visual, interactive and scripted data analysis.

This set of self-learn modules gives a comprehensive introduction to Metview's capabilities.

The following tutorial was written for ECMWF's Introduction for New Users course (COM_MARS) and shows how to retrieve data from MARS using Metview, perform some basic manipulations and plot the result.

Metview Introductory Material

This material is taken from the COM_MV Metview training course held at ECMWF in April 2014. This course took place over 3 days, although a fast worker may be able to complete the exercises more quickly. 2012 was the first year that Metview 4 was used in this course. 2014 was the first year that the new user interface was used.

Metview Interactive Usage

  • Instructions:
    • do part 1 of the tutorial
    • unzip the rest of the icons:
      • cd ~/metview
      • unzip
    • do the rest of the tutorial

Metview Macro

Using BUFR in Metview

The following material describes the use of BUFR within Metview.

Using ODB From Within Metview

A tutorial is available here:

Using OGC services from Within Metview

To support the meteorological community in adopting the OGC standards, the MetOcean Domain Working Group was established within the OGC. ECMWF is an active participant of this working group. Metview 4 provides a WMS (Web Map Service) module which can be used to query an OGC-compliant WMS server, retrieve maps from it and overlay them with other data. A tutorial is available here:

Using FLEXTRA From Within Metview (ECMWF internal only)

The following material describes the use of FLEXTRA within Metview, and is currently only applicable to internal ECMWF users.

Using FLEXPART From Within Metview

The following material describes the use of the particle dispersion model FLEXPART from within Metview.

Using Metview to Prepare data for 3D Visualisation in VAPOR

A tutorial is available here:

Using the Single Column Model in Metview

This tutorial requires a single column model executable, which is not a standard part of the Metview distribution. It is, however, used as part of OpenIFS Home Workshops and the Parametrization of subgrid physical processes training course. The Metview-SCM tutorial is here: