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Each task in ECFLOW has a status. Status The status reflects the state the node is in. In the GUI the background colour of the text reflects the status.
The status of a task can vary as follows (default colours are shown):

  • After the load(CLI) command, the status of the tasks status is unknown
  • After begin (CLI) command the tasks are either queued, complete, aborted, or suspended. A suspended task means that the task is really queued but it must be resumed by the user first before it can be submitted.
  • Once the dependencies are resolved a task is submitted by ECFLOW. The status is submitted or aborted (aborted, if scripts not found, variable substitution fails, or ECF_JOB_CMD failed.)
  • If the submission was successful, then once the job starts, it should become active, this achieved when the job calls: ecflow_client --init
  • Before a job ends it may send other messages to ECFLOW such as those shown below; These are referred to as child commands

  • ecflow_client --event Set an event
  • ecflow_client --meter Change a meter
  • ecflow_client --label Change a label
  • ecflow_client --wait Wait for an expression to evaluate
  • ecflow_client --abort Send an abort message to the task
  • ecflow_client --msg Write a message line into ecFlow logfile
  • ecflow_client --status checks task's status

    Jobs end by becoming either complete or aborted by the job itself sending a message back to ECFLOW server. The complete is set by calling: ecflow_client --complete in the job file

At any time the user can suspend a task. The tasks task status is saved.
The above colours are the default, but they can be changed in the GUI . Figure 2 1 shows the normal status changes for a task with default colours: