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Updates for version 5.9.0




Remote access via teleportImprovement: remote access to ecFlow servers at ECMWF was improved as described here: Using ecFlowUI via the ECMWF Teleport gateway
Log server

New feature: added new request type to the log server to transfer only the portion of the log file from a given byte offset. With this ecFlowUI can highly optimise file transfer from log servers supporting this option (see below).

Log serverImprovement: previously the log server applied a text filter on the file contents it transmitted. This filter is now removed and the log server sends the full file contents leaving the optional filtering to the client applications.

Log output

Improvement: the log file access has been refactored internally to optimise loading updates for the currently viewed log file. When pressing the (blue) reload button in the Output panel:

  • for files served by a logserver an incremental file transfer is initiated whenever the logserver is supporting this request type
  • for local files only the increment is added to the text viewer
  • when there is no increment (the file did not change) the text viewer is not updated at all (previously it always reloaded the whole file)

A full reload can still be initiated by using the Load whole file button under the More actions submenu. In the same submenu the Load current jobout file button was added to load the current jobout file.

Image Added

Log outputImprovement: rearranged buttons in the Output panel. Some buttons were moved into a menu accessible from the More actions button to the right.

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Log outputImprovement: the progress bar for remote file transfers now only appears after a delay so it is not visible for short enough transfers. Previously it appeared immediately the file update was requested.
Log outputImprovement: added options to show/hide the directory listing panel at the bottom. This can be done using the toggle button at the top of the Output panel. On top of that a close button was added to the directory panel. When the directory panel is hidden it is also disabled and ecFlowUI does not try to update it automatically.

Image AddedImage Added

Log outputNew feature:  added button to the directory listing panel in the Output panel  to show detailed information about how the directory information was updated.

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Log outputImprovement: In the various views and info labels the file size label for files larger than 1 GB is now displayed with 1 decimal place precision, e.g. 1.3 GB (previously it was displayed as an int).
Node search
New feature: added new Status change option called "older than" to the filter.  It is used to filter nodes with status changes older than the specified period.

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System server listNew feature: the system server list access has been redesigned. Previously a centrally installed file defined this list for each ecflow installation at ECMWF. From this version on multiple system server files can be defined independently from the actual installation using either the ECFLOW_SYSTEM_SERVERS_LIST environment variable or specific settings in the ecFlowUI configuration dialogue. See the full description here: System server list files in ecFlowUI
Timeline and server load
Improvement: added button (see the << or >> icon) to show compacted file information in the Timeline and Server load panels. In compact mode only the file name is visible in the file information label, but the full information is still displayed as a tooltip.

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Manage serversImprovement:  when changing a host or port or renaming a server all the user interface components (views and panels) are automatically adjusted to the changes. Note: when the host or port altered the original server will be removed from the tree view and a newly created one will be added to the end of the tree.
Manage servers

Improvement:  reports error for newly created servers when host or port contain whitespace characters. When a server added/modified in the ui the following rules are applied:

  • name: cannot contain whitespace characters except space. Cannot start or end with space.
  • host: cannot contain whitespace characters
  • port: can only contain digits
  • user: cannot contain whitespace characters

Preferences dialogImprovement:  when opening the Preferences dialog it will show the last used tab in the current configuration category.
Command line help

Improvement:  when ecflow_ui is started with the -h option (help) the version info is also displayed

Image Added

Context menu Fix: fixed an issue when shortcuts were not visible in the the node context menus.
Context menu
Fix: fixed an issue when setting variable value for multiple nodes was only applied to the first selected node.
Info panelFix: fixed an issue when Info panel tabs were not notified about selection change when they became unselected
Output panelFix: fixed issue when a stray coloured rectangle appeared in the Output panel message label when it was selected

Updates for version 5.8.1

Log output

Fix: fixed an issue when fetching remote log output via the log server did not work in the Output panel

Updates for version 5.8.0


NodesImprovement: tree and table views will now always show the selected node, even if it does not match the filtering criteria. For example, if a tree view has a status filter which does not display completed nodes, and the user clicks on a completed node from a search result or a notification, then it will appear in any tree or table view that is in the linked state.ECFLOW-813
Tree viewImprovement: when the result of a search is an attribute and it is clicked on, it  becomes selected in any linked tree viewsECFLOW-839
Variables panelImprovement: the variables panel now has a horizontal scrollbar, allowing the easy viewing of long variablesECFLOW-830
ShutdownFix: fixed occasional crash on shutdownECFLOW-832


Installation date 2016-11-24

LimitsImprovement: increased the maximum limit size in the limit editor to 10,000ECFLOW-811
ResourcesFix: fixed issue where ecFlowUI did not clean up its server filter handle on exitECFLOW-812

Installation date 2016-11-16


Attribute search

New feature: the search dialog was extended and is now also capable of finding attributes.

See Searching for nodes.


Improvement: the title of the tabs in the main interface is now automatically adjusted to the available space. When a lot of tabs are open it makes the navigation easier. The way the tab title is drawn has also been changed and the close button was removed from the current tab. To close a tab right-click on a tab and select "Close tab" from the menu. 


New feature: to improve the tab navigation a new button () was added to the right edge of the main tab bar. By pressing it the list of the open tabs appears in a drop down menu with the current tab being highlighted in bold.

IconsNew feature: a new icon representing the "Killed" flag was added to the tree and table views.  This is OFF by default. This can be set from the Icons menu from the header of the tree view panel.
Tree viewFix: fixed issue where the tree was not expanded on node lookup
Tree viewFix: fixed issue where the default node status was incorrectly displayed in the node tooltip


Fix: fixed issue where the server status was not updated in the breadcrumbs
Output panelImprovement: the column-width of the list of available output files are automatically adjusted to their contents when the output panel is first loaded.
Output panelImprovement: a failed text search will no longer put the cursor to the top of the output file
DocumentationNew page: Viewing and editing variables