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  • Providers are asked to provide full sample data from one model run containing all expected parameters, steps, forecast types etc.
  • Naming convention for sample data:
    wave_<Organization<centre WMO origin>_acronym>_<YYYYMMDDRR>_<prod/test>_fc.grib2
    acronym listed in the table below
    prod/test ... production or test version of the data
    fc ... forecast (step 0 should be also encoded as of forecast type)
  • Merge all parameters from all steps for given model run and output type into one file:
    e.g. wave test forecasts from ECMWF on the 1st of September 2017, 12Z  => wave_ECMWFecmf_2017090112_test_fc.grib2
  • Put sample data on ecgate to a directory with reading permission
    • alternatively use any other downloadable location (e.g. google drive)
    • alternatively use this ftp:

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      user: observations 
      passwd: observations2013 
      directory: wave

  • The naming convention for future production data might change


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Contact Richard Mladek for any further details, sample data exchange etc.