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  • Medium-range forecast up to +360 hours (3-hourly up to 144 hours, then 6-hourly outputs)
  • Archived in MARS as Control forecast (type=cf, stream=enfo, class=yp)
  • 7 additional pressure levels to have a better vertical resolution in higher altitudes
  • 8 parameters are coming from the coupled ocean model (2 of them (sea water velocities) are available for the whole period and the remaining 6 since 12 June 2019):



    Average potential temperature in the upper 300m151164
    Average salinity in the upper 300m151175
    Depth of 20C isotherm151163
    Eastward sea water velocity151131
    Mixed layer depth151148
    Northward sea water velocity151132
    Sea surface height151145
    Sea water practical salinity151130
    Sea-ice thickness174098

2) Dedicated research run containing additional tendencies