ecFlow's documentation is now on readthedocs!

Some might notice that what was known as "Web menu" in ecflowview does not appear in the latest GUI.

Just click menu User Defined→Manage Commands→Command 

sh %ECF_URL_CMD% # Web

Then Save Options→Name "Web"→Save As New

You can then connect a node, Suite, Family, Task, to a web page like a project front end, html man page, third party monitoring tool ...

ecflowview has also a "second level menus" in order to access man pages, job file, output, when a suite stores this information as dedicated (user) variables, and not the default (ecflow) variables ECF_JOB, ECF_JOBOUT, ...

Here are the commands below, you can define as extra menus in ecflow_ui

firefox %ECF_URL_BASE%/%ECF_URL% # Man
sh xterm -T Script -e vim %ECF_SCRIPT% # Script
sh xterm -T Job -e vim %ECF_JOB% # Job
sh xterm -T Output -e vim %ECF_JOBOUT% # Output
xterm -T Details-%ECF_NAME% -e "grep %ECF_NAME% %ECF_LOG% ; read" # Detail