ecFlow's documentation is now on readthedocs!

In ecflow Limits provide simple load management. The limits can still allow several hundred jobs to be submitted at once. This can cause problems:

  • Excessive disk/io in job generation
  • Server busy in job generation, and slow to respond to the GUI.
  • Overload queuing systems like PBS/SLURM

Hence we need load management that can limit the number of submissions. When the Job becomes active the limit token is released.

Here is the simple illustration:

Limit submission to a maximum of 2
suite test_limit_on_submission
    limit disk 2
    family anon    
        inlimit -s disk   # Inlimit submission
        task t1
        task t2
        task t3

Hence we could have more than 2 active jobs since we only control the number in the submitted state.

If we removed the -s then we can only have two active jobs running at one time

This will allow the configuration of the suite, depending on the load the disk/io and queuing system can sustain.