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Any node can be repeated in a number of different ways. Only suites can be repeated based on the suite clock. The syntax is as follows

 repeat day step # only for suites
 repeat integer VARIABLE start end [step]
 repeat enumerated date VARIABLE first [second [third ...]]
 repeat string VARIABLE str1 [str2 ...]
 repeat file VARIABLE filename
 repeat date VARIABLE yyyymmdd yyyymmdd [delta]                     # when used in trigger expression, we use date arithmetic
 repeat datelist YMD 20130101 20130102 20130103 20200101 20190101   # arbitrary list of dates, also uses date arithmetic in trigger expression 

The idea is that the variable given is advanced when the node completes and the node is re-queued (except, of course, when the variable has the last value.)
Day repeats are only available for a suite (tied to the clock) in which case an ending date can be given. For this to work the clock type must be hybrid: a real-time suite cannot be stopped by means of end time.

 repeat string INPUT str1 str2 str3
 repeat integer HOUR 6 24 6
 repeat date YMD 20200130 20200203

Note: Only four-digit years are allowed. Also, that force complete will only force the current running job to be complete, but if the repetition is not finished, the next job will be sent (with the variable advanced accordingly.)
Tip: we prefer to use the repeat date structure in our suites. This allows us to see more easily what date the suite is running.