ecFlow's documentation is now on readthedocs!

The command level interface is provided by the 'ecflow_client' executable. By calling:

ecflow_client --help

We can get the list of all the available commands.
Most users of ecFlow will be happy to use GUI, but some things cannot be done using GUI. Note also that most of the commands that you execute using GUI are actually CLI commands.

The very first argument to 'ecflow_client' must begin with '–'

ecflow_client --load=/my/home/fred.def
ecflow_client --load=/my/home/exotic.def            # will error if suites of same name exists
ecflow_client --load=/my/home/exotic.def force      # overwrite suite's of same name in the server
ecflow_client --load=/my/home/exotic.def check_only # Just check, don't send to server
ecflow_client --load=/my/home/exotic.def stats      # Show defs statistics, don't send to server
ecflow_client --load=host1.3141.check               # Load checkpoint file to the server
ecflow_client --load=host1.3141.check print         # print definition to standard out in defs format