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We are in the process of preparing the final phases to complete the migration to our new data centre in Bologna, Italy.

Whilst the migration has progressed with a minimum level of disruption to date, we are now approaching a phase when some degradation of the services is to be expected.

Here we will keep ECMWF users informed about the data centre move to Bologna, update on any service disruptions or degradation this might cause and highlight any action you might need to take. We will also engage with you to participate in the testing and migration when services you use start running in parallel in Bologna, for you to test and facilitate the migration.

Please check the information provided below for any service you might use.

DHS Move (MARS and ECFS)

The Data Handling System, which provides the MARS and ECFS services, is one of the few data centre components which will physically move from Reading to Bologna. In particular the move of tapes will inevitably cause some degradation to these services. See how the DHS-Move might affect your data access >>

Migration of data dissemination (ECPDS) 

As part of our Data Centre move we have started the installation of ECPDS, the ECMWF Production Data Store, in Bologna, Italy. The migration of this system will affect all sites receiving ECMWF data via the dissemination and requires some changes on the user's side. See Migration of data dissemination (ECPDS) >>

Migration to Atos HPC 

The new Atos will not only replace the current HPC service provided by the Cray XC40 systems, but also all Linux servers, e.g. ecgateMigration to Atos HPC >>

Migration of the operational forecast to Atos 

In preparation of the switch of the operational forecast production from the Cray to the Atos HPC, pre-operational test data will be provided well ahead of the switch, see Implementation of IFS Cycle 47r3 on Atos >>