To ECMWF data providers,

We are happy to inform you that the new ECMWF data centre housed in Bologna will be in operation from January 2022. We have commenced the installation, testing and data acquisition in Bologna. During this period, operations in Bologna and Reading will run in parallel as we prepare to migrate all operational activity to Bologna during the second quarter of 2022.

Action Required

1/ For data providers that ECMWF retrieves data from

To ensure that we can test the retrieval and processing of your acquisition data in Bologna, please update your firewall to accept connections from our new IP addresses that will be used in Bologna. The IP addresses are as follows: 

Bologna's Data Center subnets:



2/ For data providers that upload data to ECMWF

To ensure that we can test the retrieval and processing of your data in Bologna, we kindly ask you to start sending your data to our new Data Acquisition Portal. It can be accessed using the following hostnames:

Please ensure you keep sending files to both Reading and Bologna Data Acquisition Portals until the decommissioning of Reading service, which remains operational until the second quarter of 2022.

When sending data to the new portal, please replicate your current use of Reading Data Acquisition Portal:

  • Use the same names for your files and directories
  • Use the same transfer protocols, account names and credentials
  • Schedule your transfers at similar times of day

Please let us know if you have any issues or questions by commenting on this blog post or raising a ticket via our Support Portal. We will keep you updated with further details regarding the migration when we have further information. You can also 'watch' the Data Centre Migration to Bologna User Space where further announcements will be published.

Thank you for your assistance.