The following is a description of the latest operational release of GloFAS v3.5. For an overview of other GloFAS releases, please see: GloFAS versioning system.


GloFAS v3.5 integrates changes in its meteorological forcing used for the forecasts, with the use of the new version of the ECMWF-ENS ensemble forecasting system, introduced by IFS cycle 48r1. This change in the forcing data has the following impacts on GloFAS:

  • Hydrological monitoring:
    • No change in the ECMWF-C3S ERA5- and ERA5-T-forced hydrological reanalysis simulations.
    • In the forecast initialisation (in the so-called fill-up, where ERA5-T is not yet available), the meteorological forcing resolution of ECMWF-ENS-CNTL has increased from 18 km to 9 km (similarly to the real time forecasts for days 1-15).
  • Real time forecasts:
    • The spatial resolution of the forcing increases from 18 km to 9 km in the first 15 days of the 30-day forecast horizon, while the resolution of the extended-range forcing (days 16 to 30) remain unchanged at 36 km.
    • The extended-range ECMWF-ENS is produced every day in 48r1. Thus, the meteorological forcing for days 16-30 in GloFAS (which is blended after the first 15 days of higher resolution ENS) will always come from 1-day old forecast runs. Previously, it was coming from 1-4-day old forecast runs, depending on the day of the week, as the extended-range ENS was produced only on Mondays and Thursdays before 48r1.
  • Reforecasts:
    • GloFAS v3.5 will not have a new 48r1-specific hydrological reforecast data set.
  • Seasonal forecasts and seasonal reforecasts:
    • There is no impact on the seasonal hydrological modelling system.

More details on the 48r1 meteorological modelling changes can be found on the Implementation of IFS Cycle 48r1 page.

In addition, the v3.5 update also includes two additional reporting points in Bangladesh and Nigeria.

Technical details

Pre-release date (available on stage platform)2023-06-05
Release date2023-06-28
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Climatology1979-01-01 to near real-time

GloFAS: 1999-01-03 to 2018-12-30.           

GloFAS Seasonal: 1981-01-01 to 2016-01-01

Horizontal projectionEPSG4326
Horizontal resolution0.1 x 0.1°
Temporal resolutionDaily