This page keeps track of the official releases of the GloFAS system, including its components. GloFAS is versioned with a three-number system X.Y.Z responding to Major.Minor.Patch updates of the system.  We only communicate major and minor updates in this page.

Current operational system and data availability

Latest operational GloFAS release

GloFAS guidelines for versioning

ChangeReasonTypical scenariosRelease
MajorSignificant upgrades that involve changes to the hydrological modelling chain (e.g. rainfall-runoff and routing)Calibration, major changes to the physics. Can also be a major technical change.Communicated via the GloFAS website ( 4 weeks before implementation; associated with a period of testing for the users

Major technical change or minor change in the output

New layer, new product, change of format, update of thresholds, upgrade real-time ECMWF IFS data input, update reference climatology, update forecast rerunsCommunicated via the GloFAS website ( 1 week before implementation
PatchBugfix or update of information in the system. Might affect post-processed layers, but have no impact on the model outputBugfix, update of layer names, minor technical updatesAre immediately released into production

Each major or minor release comprises data associated with

  1. the operational real-time forecasts (30-day and seasonal)
  2. the hydrological reanalysis
  3. the discharge forecast reruns (30-day and seasonal)
  4. the discharge thresholds (30-day and seasonal)

GloFAS versions

The GloFAS versioning system started with the operational release of GloFAS in 2018. The GloFAS versions prior to v1.0 are not versioned.

Major and minor releases

The major and minor releases are documented below. Items in italic are planned releases.

VersionGloFAS internal number*Released in testReleased in productionDocumentation
4.1005n/a2024-02-28Latest operational GloFAS release
4.00052023-07-052023-07-26GloFAS v4.0
3.50042023-06-052023-06-28GloFAS v3.5
3.40042022-11-112022-12-14GloFAS v3.4
3.30042022-10-122022-10-19GloFAS v3.3
3.20042021-10-212021-10-27GloFAS v3.2
3.10042021-02-142021-05-26GloFAS v3.1
2.2003**2020-11-012020-12-09 12UTCGloFAS v2.2
2.1***0032019-10-082019-11-05 12UTCGloFAS v2.1
2.00022018-10-142018-11-14 12UTCGloFAS v2.0
1.00012018-03-232018-04-23 12UTCGloFAS v1.0

*) This number is for MARS archiving. Each new version with a climatology will be given a new number.

**) This minor upgrade to v2.2 does not include any modelling changes and therefore data is the same as v2.1, hence remains GloFAS internal number  = 003

***) From mid-September 2022 GloFAS version 2.1 is decommissioned and no longer produces new data. Data previously produced by this version of GloFAS will remain available through the CDS. This does not affect the operational GloFAS service.