The following is a description of GloFAS v4.1, available as fully operational GloFAS from 28 February 2024.

For an overview of other GloFAS releases, please see : GloFAS versioning system.


GloFAS v4.1 introduces several minor changes to the system, including:

  • Increased offering of forecast variables made available through the Climate Data Store. See Model Output page for details. The data will also be made available for the reanalysis: 
    • Runoff Water Equivalent (surface plus subsurface),
    • Snow Depth Water Equivalent,
    • and Soil Wetness Index (root-zone).
  • Improved reporting point layer, with additional metadata available for 'dynamic reporting points'. 
  • Improved information on the GloFAS map viewer (updated legends and layer titles). 
  • GloFAS Flood thresholds available for various return periods, see Auxiliary Data pages for GloFAS v4.0 flood threshold files.

This upgrade of GloFAS has no impacts on the GloFAS modelling results.

Technical details

Pre-release date (available on stage platform)


Release date


In test suite


GloFAS internal number


Archiving of data


Reference climatology (for thresholds/ anomalies)

1980-01-01 to 2022-07-31

GloFAS historical

1980-01-01 to near present


from 2003-03-27 to 2024-02-26

Horizontal projectionEPSG4326
Horizontal resolution0.05 x 0.05°
Temporal resolutionDaily