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Data sets

CAMS provides four different data sets from the global system. See for details: What data and charts are available through CAMS?


The CAMS global data is provided through different platforms:

Data setPlatformAccess guidance
Global analyses and forecasts of chemical species and aerosol

Latest three days: ECMWF FTP server

see here
Data older than five days: ECMWF data archive

see here (web interface download)

see here (API download)

Delayed-mode analyses and real-time forecasts of CO2 and CH4

On requestemail

Fire emissions from the Global Fire Assimilation System (GFAS)

Latest seven days: ECMWF FTP server.

see here

Data older than one day: ECMWF data archive.see here


  • CAMS Reanalysis
  • MACC Reanalysis

ECMWF data archive


CAMS Reanalysis: see here

MACC Reanalysis: see here

All datasets are available in GRIB and NetCDF format.

The ECMWF FTP server is supported for operational use (365/24/7). It allows batch access using the FTP protocol.

The ECMWF data archive is not supported for operational use. It allows batch access using the ECMWF Web API.

Data Licence

The CAMS data is governed by the licence terms available here.


CAMS is very interested to hear about your use of the data. Please email