Naming convention

The following dissemination filename convention is used for the transmission of ECMWF dissemination products:

 ccSMMDDHHIImmddhhiiE where:

  • cc is Dissemination stream name
  • S is dissemination data stream indicator
  • MMDDHHII is month, day, hour and minute on which the products are based
  • mmddhhii is month, day, hour and minute on which the products are valid at
    • ddhhii is set to “______” for Seasonal Forecasting System products
    • ii is set to 01 for high resolution forecast time step zero, type=fc, step=0
  • E is the Experiment Version Number’ (as EXPVER in MARS, normally 1)

Dissemination data stream indicator



Stream & Type (where applicable)

AHRES Weather Parameter products (10-day)stream=oper, type=wp
BENS Weather Parameter products (15-day)stream=enfo, type=wp
CTropical Cyclone high resolution trajectory forecast products (HRES) (10-day)stream=oper/scda, type=tf
DHigh resolution forecast products - atmospheric data (HRES) (10-day)stream=oper (also scda for 06/18 if requested)
EEnsemble forecast products- atmospheric data (ENS) (15-day)stream=enfo (00/06/12/18)
FExtended range forecast products - atmospheric data (ENS-extended) (46-day)stream=eefo (was enfo)
GEnsemble forecast products - high-frequency wave data (ENS-WAM) (15-day)stream=waef 
HExtended range re-forecast products - atmospheric data (ENS-extended) (46-day)stream=eefh/eehs (was enfh/efhs)
IEnsemble re-forecast products - atmospheric data (ENS) (15-day)stream=enfh/efhs (new)
JEnsemble re-forecast products - wave data (ENS) (15-day)stream=enwh/wehs (new)
KEnsemble re-forecast overlap - atmospheric datastream=efho (abandoned with 48r1)
LSeasonal forecasting system products - atmospheric data (SEAS)stream=mmsm/mmsf/mmsa
NSeasonal forecasting system products - wave data (SEAS-WAM) stream=wasf
OEnsemble forecast overlap datastream=efov (abandoned woth 48r1)
PHigh resolution forecast - wave data (HRES-WAM) (10-day)stream=wave (00/12)
QHigh resolution forecast - high-frequency wave data (HRES-WAM) (10-day)stream=scwv (06/18)
SHigh resolution forecast - high-frequency atmospheric data (HRES) (10-day)stream=scda
TTropical Cyclone ensemble trajectory forecast products (ENS)stream=enfo, type=tf
UEnsemble forecast post-processed products - wave data (e.g. ensemble means, extreme forecast indices)stream=waef, type=em/efi/sot/ep
VExtended range forecast products - wave data (ENS-WAM-extended) (46-day)stream=weef (was waef)
WEnsemble forecast products - wave data (ENS-WAM) (15-day)stream=waef 
XEnsemble forecast products - high-frequency atmospheric data (ENS) (15-day)stream=enfo 
YEnsemble forecast post-processed products - atmospheric data (e.g. ensemble means, extreme forecast indices)stream=enfo, type=em/efi/sot/ep
ZExtended  range re-forecast products - wave datastream=weeh/wees (was enwh/wehs)

Changes linked to 48r1: 

No change to naming indicator or stream
Re-purposed stream and naming indicator (with 48r1)
New stream and naming indicator (with 48r1)
Removed stream and naming indicator (with 48r1)

File format

Most products are encoded in WMO FM-92 GRIB edition 1, unless otherwise specified in our Catalogue of Real-time products

  • Product subset I-i-c (High Resolution Atmospheric model), III-i-c (Ensemble Atmospheric model): Model level parameters encoded in WMO FM-92 GRIB edition 2
  • Product subsets I-ii, III-iv (Time Series of Weather Parameters) and Products subsets I-iii, III-viii (Tropical Cyclones), encoded in WMO FM-94 BUFR



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