Naming convention

The following dissemination filename convention is used for the transmission of ECMWF dissemination products:

 ccSMMDDHHIImmddhhiiE where:

  • cc is Dissemination stream name
  • S is dissemination data stream indicator
  • MMDDHHII is month, day, hour and minute on which the products are based
  • mmddhhii is month, day, hour and minute on which the products are valid at
    • ddhhii is set to “______” for Seasonal Forecasting System products
    • ii is set to 01 for high resolution forecast time step zero, type=fc, step=0
  • E is the Experiment Version Number’ (as EXPVER in MARS, normally 1)

Dissemination data stream indicator



AHRES Weather Parameter products
BENS Weather Parameter products
CTropical Cyclone high resolution trajectory forecast products (HRES)
DHigh resolution forecast products - atmospheric data (HRES)
EEnsemble forecast products- atmospheric data (ENS) 
FExtended range forecast products - atmospheric data (ENS-extended)
GEnsemble forecast products - high-frequency wave data (ENS-WAM)
HExtended  range re-forecast products - atmospheric data
LSeasonal forecasting system products - atmospheric data (SEAS)
NSeasonal forecasting system products - wave data (SEAS-WAM) 
OEnsemble forecast overlap data
PHigh resolution forecast - wave data (HRES-WAM)
QHigh resolution forecast - high-frequency wave data (HRES-WAM)
SHigh resolution forecast - high-frequency atmospheric data (HRES) 
TTropical Cyclone ensemble trajectory forecast products (ENS)
UEnsemble forecast post-processed products - wave data (e.g. ensemble means, extreme forecast indices)
VExtended range forecast products - wave data (ENS-WAM-extended)
WEnsemble forecast products - wave data (ENS-WAM)
XEnsemble forecast products - high-frequency atmospheric data (ENS) 
YEnsemble forecast post-processed products - atmospheric data (e.g. ensemble means, extreme forecast indices)
ZExtended  range re-forecast products - wave data

File format

Most products are encoded in WMO FM-92 GRIB edition 1, unless otherwise specified in our Catalogue of Real-time products

  • Product subset I-i-c (High Resolution Atmospheric model), III-i-c (Ensemble Atmospheric model): Model level parameters encoded in WMO FM-92 GRIB edition 2
  • Product subsets I-ii, III-iv (Time Series of Weather Parameters) and Products subsets I-iii, III-viii (Tropical Cyclones), encoded in WMO FM-94 BUFR



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