You will be aware that ECMWF will implement its new cycle 48r1 on 27th June 2023. This cycle upgrade brings significant changes, notably higher spatial resolution for ensemble (ENS) and daily 100 ensemble perturbed runs (ENS-EXT). At the same time, for GRIB 2 encoded parameters, a compression method called CCSDS will be introduced. Therefore, if you haven't tried the 48r1 test data, we urge you to take immediate action so that your production system will be transitioned to the new data smoothly.

You will find more details at the following page:

To start accessing test data: 

  • For users who have access to the test Product Requirements Editor (TPREd) for the configuration of 48r1 data, the application is available at this link and is connected to the test ECPDS system (XDISS):
  • For users who do not have access to the test Product Requirements Editor (TPREd) for the configuration of 48r1 data, you can request access to 48R1 test data at our support portal

ECMWF will run also run a webinar on 1st June 2023 (13:00 UTC/14:00 BST/15:00 CEST).  The webinar will focus on the data side: how to access the test data, important changes, and handling CCSDS compression. Please check here for the registration link for the webinar: .

We thank you for your patience during this complex cycle upgrade.

From 01 July 2023, the EPU unit cost of ECMWF data will be reduced from 0.50 EUR to 0.25 EUR (50% reduction). 

At the same time, the maximum Information Cost will be reduced from 100,000 EUR to 70,000 EUR (30% reduction). 

The maximum Information Cost including high-frequency products will be reduced from 108,000 EUR to 78,000 EUR. 

This price will be applied to all new and renewing licences from 01 July 2023. Existing real-time licensees will be able to give a three-month notice to terminate their existing licences.

From 01 July 2023, our shopping cart will show the cost of data with the new EPU unit price of 0.25 EUR. We are aiming to provide a test version of the Product Requirement Catalogue (PRC) in early June which will allow users to review the impact of the changes.

For more information on the EPU costing formula, please visit this page:

With the need to consolidate its data-provision infrastructure, ECMWF will decommission the Public Datasets Service.

On 1 June 2023 the Public Datasets Service, including access via the Web API client, except for S2S and TIGGE, will stop and the datasets listed below will no longer be available via this service. 

Global Reanalysis datasets:

Regional reanalysis:

Atmospheric composition:

Observation feedback:


If you still need to access any of the datasets listed above via the Public Datasets Service, please do so before 1 June 2023. For alternative ways of accessing the data and more up-to-date datasets, please see Decommissioning of ECMWF Public Dataset Service and "watch" the page to get notified of further updates. For any questions, please contact us via the ECMWF Support Portal

Thank you for using our services and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

From 1 July 2022  there will be a new ECMWF Service Charge model for real-time forecast data. There will be a distinct separation between the costs related to the amount of data (in GB) requested and the services from ECMWF that the user wants to couple with the data.

See more details about the new Service Charge model.

ECMWF has a new data centre housed in Bologna which will be in operation from January 2022.

You need to update your firewall so we can test the dissemination of real-time forecast data.

Please be aware of a number of changes to the licensing of ECMWF data that will be occurring during 2022.

These changes will affect:

  • small business discounts
  • European cut-out licence
  • archive licence

See further details of the 2022 ECMWF licencing changes.

Can I still amend my licence between now and 2021? 

Amendments are possible between now and then but will use the existing 0.6 EPU price until the new cost takes effect from 01 January 2021. 

What if I have a Maximum Charge or NMHS Full Non-Commercial licence? 

There is no change to the Maximum Charge or NMHS Full Non-Commercial licence, but those with these licences types may wish to use the ECMWF costing tool to evaluate your current requirements after 01 January 2021 to see if you are still within this category ( Unfortunately, ECMWF has no way to determine this automatically. 

Can I claim my pro-rata reduction now? 

All pro-rata reductions will be completed in January 2021. This will be done automatically and there is no action required from you.

My licence renews on 01 January 2021, so what will I be charged?

If your licence renews on 01 January 2021, we will go through the renewal process with you in November/December. If you know that you won't be making any changes between that date and 01 January 2021, we can use the new price. If you think you might make changes before 01 January 2021, we will complete the renewal with the current pricing and we will reduce this in January 2021.