bufr_compareCompare BUFR messages contained in two files. If some differences are found it fails returning an error code. Floating-point values are compared exactly by default, different tolerance can be defined see -P -A -R. Default behaviour: absolute error=0, bit-by-bit compare, same order in files.
bufr_copyCopies the content of BUFR files printing values of some keys. If the name of the output_bufr_file contains a key enclosed in square brackets, its value will be used.
bufr_countPrint the total number of BUFR messages in the given files.
bufr_dumpDump the content of a BUFR file in different formats.
bufr_filterApply the rules defined in rules_file to each BUFR message in the BUFR files provided as arguments. If you specify '-' (a single dash) for the rules_file, the rules will be read from standard input.
bufr_getGet values of some header keys from a BUFR file. It is similar to bufr_ls, but fails returning an error code when an error occurs (e.g. key not found).
bufr_lsList content of BUFR files printing values of some header keys. Only scalar keys can be printed. It does not fail when a key is not found.
bufr_setSets key/value pairs in the input BUFR file and writes each message to the output_bufr_file. It fails when an error occurs (e.g. key not found).