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grib_compareCompare GRIB messages contained in two files. If some differences are found it fails returning an error code. Floating point values are compared exactly by default, different tolerance can be defined see -P -A -R. Default behaviour: absolute error=0, bit-by-bit compare, same order in files.
grib_copyCopies the content of grib files printing values of some keys.
grib_countPrint the total number of GRIB messages in the given files.
grib_dumpDump the content of a grib file in different formats.
grib_filterApply the rules defined in rules_file to each GRIB message in the GRIB files provided as arguments. If you specify '-' (a single dash) for the rules_file, the rules will be read from standard input.
grib_getGet values of some keys from a grib file. It is similar to grib_ls, but fails returning an error code when an error occurs (e.g. key not found).
grib_get_dataPrint a latitude, longitude, data values list. Note: Rotated grids are first unrotated
grib_index_buildBuild an index file for a set of input GRIB files.
grib_lsList content of grib files printing values of some keys. It does not fail when a key is not found.
grib_setSets key/value pairs in the input grib file and writes each message to the output_grib_file. It fails when an error occurs (e.g. key not found).
grib_to_netcdfConvert a GRIB file to netCDF format.
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