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Please note that this is still a beta release and any feedback from early users is very welcome


Downloadable from our Releases page.

Changes for Version 0.12.0

New Features/Improvements
  • [ECC-128] - Implement encoding of unexpandedDescriptors
  • [ECC-137] - Change syntax of keys for access by rank
  • [ECC-133] - Decode and re-encode a BUFR message
  • [ECC-150] - Implement codes_set for elements in BUFR data section
  • [ECC-158] - Change internal representation and encoding of strings in BUFR
  • [ECC-162] - bufr_filter is printing double precision values with %g. Not enough in some cases.
  • [ECC-171] - Make users aware of the change of CODES_MISSING_LONG
  • [ECC-185] - Implement the concept for bufrTemplate
  • [ECC-186] - Put content in the BUFRTemplate.def file
  • [ECC-187] - Document bufrTemplate key on the wiki
  • [ECC-53] - Make bufr subsets accessible in the API
  • [ECC-84] - Fix spelling errors in BUFR key names
  • [ECC-141] - Return an array of strings after decoding similar to BUFRDC
  • [ECC-149] - Setting unexpandedDescriptors without changing data section
  • [ECC-109] - Example for Tropical cyclones
  • [ECC-138] - Examples for bufr_filter have disappeared
  • [ECC-148] - New test for bufr_compare
  • [ECC-169] - wiki changes for 0.12.0 release
  • [ECC-175] - Create separate confluence page for tools examples
  • [ECC-176] - Update bufr tables in confluence for 0.12.0 release
  • [ECC-184] - Create python example to read CSV and encode BUFR
  • [ECC-188] - PEP8ify Python examples
Bug Fixes
  • [ECC-126] - eccodes can't decode E-AMDAR data from GTS
  • [ECC-129] - allocating before calling codes_get in fortran does not work
  • [ECC-134] - Case-sensitivity of codetable keys
  • [ECC-135] - Test fails when floating point exceptions are enabled
  • [ECC-140] - Search by condition does not work in some situations
  • [ECC-144] - Performance: ecCodes should be as fast as grib api
  • [ECC-147] - keys_iterator does not iterate on BUFR data keys
  • [ECC-152] - Crash: Calling python codes_set_array() instead of codes_set_double_array()
  • [ECC-154] - Python module installs as "grib_api/" instead of "gribapi/".
  • [ECC-155] - Crash: calling codes_dump from Fortran
  • [ECC-156] - CMake: Does not find Jasper (Ubuntu)
  • [ECC-160] - ecCodes 0.11.0 and FM35_BUFR sounding data
  • [ECC-163] - Valgrind error: running the test
  • [ECC-167] - codes_get_X does not search by condition and rank
  • [ECC-170] - CODES_MISSING_DOUBLE and CODES_MISSING_LONG not in fortran
  • [ECC-172] - attributes not working in search by condition
  • [ECC-177] - Valgrind error in search_from_accessors_list: Invalid read
  • [ECC-180] - Test failure with cray intel compiler: