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Please note that this is still a beta release and any feedback from early users is very welcome

Downloadable from our Releases page.

Changes for Version 0.16.0

New Features/Improvements

  • [ECC-280] - Provide feature to build the definition files and samples into the library

  • [ECC-274] - BUFR tables version 26 to be added to ecCodes
  • [ECC-276] - Change BUFR shortNames to avoid clashes in different classes
  • [ECC-267] - rename BufrTemplate to bufrTemplate
  • [ECC-269] - Provide equivalent of the C function codes_get_string_array in Fortran interface

  • [ECC-257] - Debugging: print filename and line number of triggered IF statement
  • [ECC-258] - Add support for Météo-France field name translation
  • [ECC-250] - bufr header documentation incorrect
  • [ECC-253] - Add tests for converting GRIB packingType to PNG
  • [ECC-277] - F90 Examples: replace 'double precision' with 'real(8)'
  • [ECC-263] - Add functions for setting definitions and samples paths

Bug Fixes

  • [ECC-143] - Error in BUFRDC & eccodes BUFR Table D Version 16
  • [ECC-210] - ecCodes Segmentation fault with DWD BUFR-encoded synop data
  • [ECC-233] - Stray comma character in BUFR json dump
  • [ECC-252] - grib_count_in_file() function does not support multi-field GRIB messages
  • [ECC-254] - grib_handle_new_from_message should take const data pointer
  • [ECC-255] - Parameters 186/187 (Low/Medium cloud cover) have incorrect WMO GRIB1 codings
  • [ECC-256] - Wrong decoding of nested delayed replication
  • [ECC-259] - numberOfValues not correctly set when using second order packing with missing values
  • [ECC-265] - totalLength of edition 3 BUFR not changed on reshape
  • [ECC-270] - Wrongly decoded associated field in TAMDAR data
  • [ECC-271] - National and WMO station number elements in BUFR SYNOP data use the same key