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Downloadable from our Releases page.

Changes for Version 2.10.0:


  • [ECC-769] - Imaginary part of first spectral coefficients is not zero when decoding a spectral field

New Features/Improvements

  • [ECC-264] - Support for Python 3
    We now have a beta version of the Python 3 interface. Although we tried to minimise the impact to users some changes to the client code will be necessary.
    When opening BUFR or GRIB files, please ensure this happens in binary mode, as follows:
      = open("fields.grib", "rb")  # Reading
      = open("output.bufr", "wb")  # Writing
    Please test the Python 3 support carefully and provide us with feedback. We appreciate your co-operation.

  • [ECC-763] - Break tests into two sets, one that includes its data files in the distribution and another "extended" that downloads them
    The default set of tests no longer requires any data to be downloaded and takes less time than before. Users who wish to run extensive tests (which require downloads) should configure the build as follows:
       cmake /path/to/src -DENABLE_EXTRA_TESTS=ON ...
    These extra tests should be run if users plan to change the code e.g. for contributions.
    We are aware that many maintainers/packagers of ecCodes did not run any tests to avoid the downloads. Please enable the tests again, they are vital to ensure ecCodes has been installed properly.

  • [ECC-602] - Add parameters for Standardised Precipitation index (seasonal fc)
  • [ECC-775] - BUFR decode performance: check skipExtraKeyAttributes just once
  • [ECC-809] - grib_get_data: add -s option to set keys
  • [ECC-771] - Update BUFR tables with the latest WMO version 31.0.0
  • [ECC-278] - grib_ls -n namespace fails if namespace contains an array-type key
  • [ECC-751] - Add new grib.efcl.[type].def for EFAS climatology
  • [ECC-759] - DWD local Tables: GRIB and BUFR
  • [ECC-761] - Add probability parameters to comply with new GDPFS Manual
  • [ECC-828] - 172144 and 172189 - short name is undefined
  • [ECC-772] - Polar stereographic: keys 'latitudes' and 'longitudes' not defined
  • [ECC-776] - Python examples: Use 'open' with binary mode
  • [ECC-777] - Compiling with gcc and -std=c99 fails
  • [ECC-808] - Offer a way for grib_get_data and iterators not to unrotate rotated grids

Bug Fixes

  • [ECC-767] - grib_dump -j produces invalid JSON when a file has multiple messages
  • [ECC-356] - bufr_dump: ident is not shown
  • [ECC-758] - GRIB1: grib_dump -j crashes
  • [ECC-764] - Description of parameters aermr07diff, aermr08diff and aermr09diff seems to be wrong, with interchanged "Hypdrophilic" and "Hydrophobic"
  • [ECC-768] - Reduced Gaussian grid: grib_get_reduced_row() not working for particular field
  • [ECC-774] - Change packingType: error message issued despite success