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Downloadable from our Releases page.

Changes for Version 2.12.0:


Thanks to Daniel Tipping from OldReliableTech for the Windows support and conda setup

New Features/Improvements

  • [ECC-853] - Install tigge tools only if ECCODES_INSTALL_EXTRA_TOOLS is set
    The tools tigge_name, tigge_accumulations and tigge_split are no longer installed by default

  • [ECC-862] - GRIB2: The 'tablesVersion' key should default to the latest operational WMO version
    When converting from GRIB1 to GRIB2, the "tablesVersion" key is now the latest WMO (was previously 5)

  • [ECC-868] - Provide key to control whether large constant fields are produced
    The key "override_large_constant_fields" has been removed and replaced by "produceLargeConstantFields"

  • [ECC-830] - BUFR encoding: set to missing if value out of range (key)
  • [ECC-860] - GRIB2: Add support for atmospheric chemical product definition templates
  • [ECC-713] - grib_to_netcdf: Wrong time steps when stepUnits not in hours
  • [ECC-837] - BUFR Tables: non-ASCII characters
  • [ECC-838] - New probability T850 standardized anomalies with respect to standard deviation
  • [ECC-854] - MARS: add soil level and layer with correct mapping for mars 'level'
  • [ECC-861] - GRIB2: The 'time' namespace not defined for product definition templates 55 and 59
  • [ECC-870] - Add Clear air turbulence (CAT) and Mountain wave turbulence
  • [ECC-876] - Add 200-metre U and V wind components and modify 10 and 100-metre related parameters
  • [ECC-877] - Create new S2S ocean parameter Mean sea water temperature in upper 300 m
  • [ECC-878] - Add wave parameters for cy46r1
  • [ECC-711] - Add keys packingError and unpackedError in template 7.42
  • [ECC-851] - Refactoring: duplicated tigge 'scan' function
  • [ECC-857] - GRIB2: stepType undefined for typeOfStatisticalProcessing 8, 10 and 11
  • [ECC-859] - GRIB2 templates for chemicals should use forecastTime and not startStep
  • [ECC-863] - GRIB2: Additional keys for gridType=lambert_azimuthal_equal_area
  • [ECC-864] - Improved name for the angularPrecision key
  • [ECC-883] - grib_ls -B: does not issue error if sort keyword is wrong
  • [ECC-884] - Visual Studio solution: upgrade to VS 2017

Bug Fixes

  • [ECC-744] - Defining master and local table version in GRIB2
  • [ECC-834] - Chemicals: using local definition 36 causes grib2 parameters to become unknown
  • [ECC-856] - BUFR - length of string attribute not correct if used with subset section
  • [ECC-866] - Python3: codes_gts_new_from_file does not return all GTS bulletins
  • [ECC-872] - Step should be set to endStep, not startStep, in stream wamd, type=fc.
  • [ECC-873] - grib_ls with sorting: The 'count' key is wrong
  • [ECC-875] - bufr_copy -g not implemented
  • [ECC-880] - grib_to_netcdf calculates the time wrongly for forecast data files from