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Downloadable from our Releases page.

Changes for Version 2.13.0:

Please note: For this release, the minimum required version of cmake is 3.6.0


  • [ECC-924] - GRIB2: Add support for encoding AROME and ALADIN fields
    Thanks to MeteoFrance

New Features/Improvements

  • [ECC-815] - Separate the Python bindings to a different package
    For Python 3 we no longer use SWIG. Please install the Python3 bindings by:   pip3 install eccodes-python.
    We are grateful to B-Open for their help.
    Note: Python 2 is unaffected (it is still SWIG based)

  • [ECC-240] - bufr_dump should be able to dump a given subset
    A new option "-S" is provided for bufr_dump to dump a given subset

  • [ECC-932] - bufr_dump: Add option to print expanded descriptors along with their keys and units
    A new option "-d" is provided for bufr_dump to dump the expanded descriptors

  • [ECC-342] - BUFR: Implement extraction of a time interval for uncompressed data
  • [ECC-913] - Tools: Add gts_count
  • [ECC-925] - Remove the tool bufr_index_build
  • [ECC-600] - Implement grib_find_nearest for rotated lat/lon grids
  • [ECC-877] - Create new S2S ocean parameter Mean sea water temperature in upper 300 m
  • [ECC-909] - Add a key monthlyVerificationTime in all monthly streams
  • [ECC-879] - Add WMO GRIB2 definition to S2S ocean parameters II
  • [ECC-890] - CAMS GRIB parameters required for 46r1 CAMS o-suite
  • [ECC-897] - Add GRIB edition 2 representation to 8 vegetation/biomass parameters
  • [ECC-898] - GRIB: Neural network soil moisture data
  • [ECC-920] - Add WMO GRIB2 to the existing "tpg" parameters and backward compatibility GRIB1 to the new ones
  • [ECC-921] - Add backward compatibility GRIB1 to 10fgg10
  • [ECC-926] - bufr_compare should fail if passed index files
  • [ECC-927] - Update BUFR tables with the latest WMO version 32.0.0
  • [ECC-934] - GRIB2: Remove local ECMWF encodings
  • [ECC-943] - Add WMO definition to S2S ocean parameter Sea surface practical salinity 151219
  • [ECC-770] - Update GRIB2 definitions with the latest WMO V23.0.0 code tables/templates
  • [ECC-846] - grib_to_netcdf slow for high resolution data
  • [ECC-888] - GRIB performance: remove GRIB1-specific keys from GRIB2
  • [ECC-930] - GRIB: Reduce size of reduced lat/lon sample files by removing bitmap section
  • [ECC-931] - bufr_dump -p: print the key 'subsetNumber' (uncompressed data)
  • [ECC-933] - Update parameters 172142, 172143, 172228
  • [ECC-907] - Key required to inquire whether a reduced Gaussian grid is '"legacy"

Bug Fixes

  • [ECC-735] - gts_ls memory fault
  • [ECC-787] - Memory leak in grib_index.c
  • [ECC-817] - grib_ls for GRIB1 has problems dealing with mars.step when it's unaliased
  • [ECC-835] - GRIB iterator for subareas of reduced Gaussian grids produced by mir is shifted
  • [ECC-845] - Python3: Reopening the same file and decoding the first message causes an error
  • [ECC-867] - Python3: file seek ignored by bufr handler (codes_bufr_new_from_file)
  • [ECC-869] - BUFR: Bitmap created inconsistently for different type of data
  • [ECC-871] - Python3: codes_new_from_message returns bytes not str
  • [ECC-887] - BUFR: Search by condition does not work for floating point value
  • [ECC-896] - Fortran API: Memory leak in grib_index_get_int and grib_index_get_string
  • [ECC-902] - UERRA GRIB2: wind speed fields match different paramIds
  • [ECC-904] - grib_get_data returns wrong lat-lons for sub-area of a reduced Gaussian grid
  • [ECC-905] - grib_ls -l (grib_find_nearest) problem with sub-area of a reduced Gaussian grid
  • [ECC-906] - grib_get_data not working correctly with old-style sub-areas of reduced grids produced by PRODGEN
  • [ECC-911] - grib_util_set_spec: packing keyword has no effect on grid_simple_matrix (packing type=5)
  • [ECC-914] - BUFR decode memory leak: section 4 keys not freed
  • [ECC-915] - Support for type=ssd under stream=scda
  • [ECC-923] - Mismatched grib count not reported as difference by grib_compare
  • [ECC-929] - grib_dump -O output: grib1 section 3 inconsistent
  • [ECC-937] - BUFR keys iterator memory leak
  • [ECC-938] - BUFR keys iterator: key 'ident' from ECMWF local header is not included
  • [ECC-939] - BUFR decoding: Table B for masterTablesVersionNumber=2 types are incorrect