This is a hotfix release for version 2.13.0

Downloadable from our Releases page.

Changes for Version 2.13.1:

  • [ECC-954] - GRIB: Add fire related parameters for CEMS-Fire
  • [ECC-947] - MARS: add new streams WFAS and WFCL (GLOFAS) matching the existing EFAS and EFCL (EFAS)
  • [ECC-948] - MARS: Amend type 'sfo'
  • [ECC-963] - Update parameters shortnames/names
  • [ECC-964] - Update parameter 171207 with correct shortname
  • [ECC-949] - grib_merge fails to merge grib1 tiles
  • [ECC-960] - grib_util_set_spec: Interpolation fails on GRIB message with no levelType key