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Changes for Version 2.15.0:

New Features/Improvements

  • Performance enhancements
    • [ECC-753] - Python3 interface: Expose the codes_grib_nearest_find_multiple function
    • [ECC-1003] - Performance: Use faster shift operator rather than power function
  • [ECC-1030] - grib_get: Add '-B' option for ordering
    The option "-B" is now provided for grib_get (ordering). This works the same was as grib_ls

  • [ECC-1016] - Update BUFR tables with the latest WMO version 33
    Note: The key for descriptor 033075  has been renamed:

    DescriptorNew name (from version 33)Old name

    The name for the other descriptor 033080 remains unchanged.
    This is due to ECC-1021

  • [ECC-1014] - Update GRIB2 definitions with the latest WMO V24.0.0 code tables/templates
  • [ECC-839] - Add WMO GRIB2 definition to S2S ocean parameters
  • [ECC-993] - GRIB: Support for Copernicus regional reanalysis (CARRA/CERRA)
  • [ECC-999] - GRIB: new -10 degree Celsius isothermal level
  • [ECC-1006] - Create new GRIB1/GRIB2 local definitions for Seasonal forecast monthly means for lagged systems
  • [ECC-1007] - Python3 interface for eccodes cannot write large arrays
  • [ECC-1012] - BUFR: Key 'bufrHeaderSubCentre' should not be a codetable
  • [ECC-1013] - MARS levtype (o2d/o3d) and parameters for S2S ocean
  • [ECC-1015] - New text abbreviation "nasa" for centre=173
  • [ECC-995] - C API: Review const-ness of arguments
  • [ECC-1004] - Handle Copernicus regional reanalysis (CRR) fields the same way as UERRA (is_uerra)
  • [ECC-1009] - tigge_check packing type check
  • [ECC-997] - grib_util_set_spec: Add support for CCSDS packing (GRIB2)

Bug Fixes

  • [ECC-1021] - BUFR: Flag table descriptors have the same key: scanLevelQualityFlags
  • [ECC-1028] - Segmentation fault: bufr_dump -d on message with incorrect replication
  • [ECC-998] - Height levels for class=RR
  • [ECC-1000] - "grib_ls -l" fails when used on two files with different grids
  • [ECC-1001] - grib_ls -j -l lat,lon broken (JSON output with nearest)
  • [ECC-1002] - Windows: encoding tests fail: 'maximum allowable value is 0'
  • [ECC-1008] - ParamIDs 210247–210249 (nitrate aerosol mixing ratios) become 0 if you set STREAM=ELDA
  • [ECC-1020] - codes_count hangs if input is a directory (with option -f)
  • [ECC-1023] - grib_to_netcdf: when writing to a directory without permissions, the error message is very cryptic
  • [ECC-1024] - Python3: segmentation fault on writing GRIB
  • [ECC-1026] - GRIB2 CCSDS packing: Nearest functionality not implemented
  • [ECC-1027] - GRIB2 Table 4.230 empty in tableVersions 6 to 20