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Changes for Version 2.16.0:

New Features/Improvements

  • Performance enhancements
    • [ECC-1029] - Python3 bindings: Type checks on function arguments should be disabled by default
      In the new Python3 bindings, by default no type checking will be done on function arguments.
      If you wish to enable these checks, set the environment variable ECCODES_PYTHON_ENABLE_TYPE_CHECKS to 1.
      The type checking can add a significant overhead in cases where ecCodes functions are called many times.
  • [ECC-1052] - Porting: Improved support for Windows
    The test pass rate is now 98%. Thanks to Daniel Tipping from OldReliableTech.

  • [ECC-794] - Python3 interface: Expose the grib_get_data() function
  • [ECC-1032] - Python3 interface: Add function codes_samples_path() and codes_definition_path()
  • [ECC-1018] - Encoding and decoding of DIAG pseudo-GRIB messages
  • [ECC-1048] - new GRIB1 local section for model error in ELDA
  • [ECC-1037] - eccodes should build with openjpeg 2.3
  • [ECC-1040] - Implement a way of choosing whether OpenJPEG or Jasper are linked, instead of always linking whichever is found, possibly both
  • [ECC-1045] - GRIB1: Local definition 5: Allow lowerThreshold and upperThreshold to be MISSING
  • [ECC-1051] - bufr_dump -Efilter should output the sample file to use
  • [ECC-1038] - grib_util_set_spec: Add support for unstructured grids (GRIB2)
  • [ECC-992] - GRIB encoding: Data quality checks (limits)

Bug Fixes

  • [ECC-1035] - Memory leak: setting 'scaleValuesBy' and 'setBitsPerValue' when an error occurs
  • [ECC-1039] - Problem converting to expver=test of new ocean data with levtype=o2d
  • [ECC-1041] - grib_to_netcdf gives unexpected parameter names
  • [ECC-1042] - Python3 interface writes integer arrays incorrectly
  • [ECC-1047] - S2S ocean: MARS levtype incorrect for 151131 and 151132
  • [ECC-1022] - Grib2 Keys: parameterName, parameterUnits are displayed incorrectly if the parameterName includes parentheses